Happy Film Production

Happy Film production company focuses on creative documentary films and videos mostly on environmental and deep-ecology topics. A medium lenght documentary film „Happy Farmers“ was finished in 2018, a feature-lenght film called „Jungle Placht“ is being prepared (director Alice Růžičková), several videos for ecological organisations Foundation for Soil and Association for Local Food Initiatives (AMPI) were produced in 2019 and 2020, and others.

Happy Film was founded by producer and director Barbora Kinkalová, born in Prague. She studied Film and TV production at FAMU (Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague) in 2003-2010, graduated with the thesis on the topic „New Distribution Perspectives of Czech Documentary Films“.

She worked on feature films with producer Čestmír Kopecký (e.g.  „It’s Gonna Get Worse“ – director Petr Nikolaev,  executive producer on „The Karamazovs“ – director Petr Zelenka, Czech-Polish coproduction, supported by Eurimages, Czech Lion award for „The Best Czech Film 2008“), also with other producers (executive producer on English Strawberries – director Vladimír Drha, productin First Film, etc.) and on documentary films (a film „České děti“ for NGO People in Need, „The Secret of Theatre Sklep“ for Bio Art Production, etc.). She worked also as a head of production department in National Film Archive (2013-2015).

In 2018, as a director and producer, together with friends she made a film „Happy Farmers“ about growing vegetables, community and one’s inner world at an ecofarm in Plum Village, a buddhistic monastery in southern France. Finishing of the film went along with an international crowdfunding campaign.

Contact: produkce@happyfilm.cz

Happy Farmers movie

director Barbora Kinkalová, camera Jan Šípek, editor Michal Reich, sound Jana Kožnarová, Adam Levý
documentary film, 34 minutes, 2018
english version with czech subtitles / german subtitles / dutch subtitles

Growing vegetables, farming, mindfulness, community and healing- these are the topics of the film. It shows the possibilities of combining the present life connected with Mother Earth with farm work, or with work in general.
The film was shot in september 2016 by a small film crew from Czech Republic, it was made for joy, with the help of crowdfunding.

Happy Farm, an organic vegetable farm, is a part of zen-buddhistic monastery called Plum Village, established by a Nobel Prize nominee Thich Nhat Hanh. The community of lay people started the farm on a clay ground, but thanks to their dedication (and a lot of compost), the farm is flourishing every year more and more. Their life and work with plants shows us the metaphores between taking care of the plants and the care of one´s inner world and the whole community.

This visually poetic documentary tries to present the lively atmosphere of a special place.


Do you like this film project? Would you like to join? We raised part of the money by crowdfunding (many thanks to all donators!) and we will still appreciate your support for the rest. Our bank account:
IBAN CZ6761000000001025567833
recipient´s name: Barbora Kinkalova

Thank you.

How to see the film?

1) online streaming and download at:

2) order a film projection (with guests, or without), via email: happyfarmers@happyfilm.cz



Prepremiere: 21.4. 2018, Ecology days, Olomouc, Czech Republic

CZ premiere: 26.6. 2018, 19:00, cinema Kasárna Karlín, Prague, Czech Republic

French premiere: september 2018 Happy Farm, Plum Village, France

Screening in competition of MFF Ekofilm 2018: 12.10., 16:30 2018, Brno, Czech Republic

German screenings: Institute for Applied Buddhism: October, Heckenbeck: 31st October, Erfurt: 4th December, 7pm, Stuttgart: 15th of December

Other planned projections:
Actual projections will be published here on the website and on the Facebook:

Do you want to organise a screening, or do you have another question?
Contact us: happyfarmers@happyfilm.cz


Jungle Placht

director: Alice Růžičková, camera: Jan Šípek, sound: Adam Levý, Dominik Dolejš, editor: Jiří Procházka

development producer : Barbora Kinkalová – Happy Film, Czech Television

production producer: Frame Films – Jitka Kotrlová, Czech Television

a travelogue on one´s freedom

2021, feature-lenght documentary, DCP, 80´

20 years ago, director Alice Růžičková made a documentary on the painter Otto Placht, living with his Native family in Peru, in the “suburbs” of the Amazon rainforest near the town of Pucallpa. In addition to the everyday struggles for survival in the discomfort of the tropical environment, his paintings – then painted mostly on mosquito nets with paints made from bark, lianas, fruits, and berries – also betray his interest in shamanism and experiences with visions brought about by the herbal drug ayahuasca. The film was shot on both black & white and colour material, predominantly capturing Otto’s time in a Shipibo-tribe village.

Now, in a feature-length documentary, Růžičková confronts Placht with the development of his personal life (the three children are now teenagers, distancing themselves from their parents and beginning to live their own dreams; Otto has meanwhile divorced Monika, his Native wife, and now has another son in Peru), his professional life (in his youth, he was interested in chaos theory and fractal geometry, and now, though he uses a number of techniques, his theme remains the jungle as an expression of a disappearing order), and the devastation of the South American rainforests (due to deforestation, mining, and the farming of soy, now a popular crop).




Videos about community supported agriculture (CSA), for Association of Local Food Initiatives (AMPI), 5 parts:

Community supported agriculture (CSA, in Czech language KPZ) is one of solidary food systems, which was brought to Czech Republic 10 yeasr ago by Jan Valeška.

production: Barbora KinkalováHappy Film
director: Barbora Kinkalová
camera: Jan Šípek
editor: Šimon Špidla
sound mix: Adam Levý

All videos are in Czech language.

Part 1: Consumers and farmers create community


Part 2: Engagement of farmers in CSA


Part 3: Distribution point and seasonality


Part 4: Kids in the lead role


Part 5: CSA — Basic principles of functioning


Videos for Foundation For Soil:

production: Barbora KinkalováHappy Film
director: Barbora Kinkalová
camera: Jan Šípek
editor: Šimon Špidla
sound mix: Adam Levý
animation (Jingle): Vojtěch Domlátil

First two videos are in Czech language, the last one – Short spot about Konipas project – is with english subtitles.


Konipas project- a training farm for young ecological farmers

Short spot about Konipas project



Videopoem for Earth Day 22. 4. 2020:

Director, camera, voice: Barbora Kinkalová
Text of the poem: Larry Ward

I am the Earth